Time Tracking

Track all work with a single click, and learn where you actually spend your time. Understand how your business is being productive today, and how it could be even moreso with the right approach. See the hours spent on various projects and tasks, allowing you to dig deeper into details with our reports.
Time is vital in any kind of project management, so make sure you have all the time you need tracked and ready to be utilized for efficient progress and improvement.

Time Tracking

Project Board

Plan out your projects and make sure they can be easily managed whether you work alone or in a group.
Take complete control of how projects are managed for a more collaborative, successful effort as a team. Manage your projects on a single board that all members of staff who are eligible can use to help make sure everyone is on-track. This feature helps you plan your project by creating tasks, setting a timer directly from a task for later reporting.
This will keep your work well organized and save you time trying to organize projects by memory, ensuring that project management becomes as simple as it should be.

Project board

Board Sharing

Share an easily brandable project board with your customers. This feature helps you be transparent with your customers who can see the progress of tasks, enter a new task, prioritize them and comment on tasks to help keep everyone in the loop on project development and progress in general. Now, you can be in total control of project management with everyone collaborating and working together for lasting, proven success.
All of this provided in a single board that’s super-simple to use!

Project board sharing


Reporting allows you to easily create reports with timelines to show clients exactly how long certain aspects of the project took, building credibility and making it easier for clients to trust your work.
You can even break it down into average time worked per day, week and month to make sure you can easily detail how much work – and value – went into every part of the project. This is great for your own research as well as for giving clients a clearer, more comfortable idea of what you have achieved for them.
With clearly easy to use filters for customers, projects and timelines, too, you can easily stay on top of the process and keep your business ticking over, accountable and fully productive as and when it’s needed.


Team Members

For teams, we created an advanced team management tool with predefined permission sets that suits your business needs. It allows you to decide if a team member can see billing information, view all projects or 1 or more specific projects.

Team members


Integrate Track My Work with apps you love using Zapier. This makes it easier for you to have total control of all general and specific purpose apps that you might need for proven lasting success as a business. More than 700 apps are available for a quick and powerful integration. Connect Track My Work with your accounting system, mail campaigns tool, your email accounts and just about every other business feature that you need, maximizing the probability of your success.
You just found the perfect tool to grab projects by the scruff of the neck and take them further than they’ve ever been before!

3rd party Integrations