What’s the first thing come to your mind when you hear freelance web developer? Most probably a person in his/her pajamas sitting in front of a laptop, sipping a cup of hot coffee.

That’s the life many people dream of. Isn’t it?

What if you can you also start freelancing as a web developer and work from the comfort of your home on the projects you love? Isn’t it fascinating?

Well, it’s certainly possible.

There are numerous ways you can start your career as a freelance web developer; out of which here we are presenting you 3 ways.

However, before going to those 3 ways, let us discuss the prerequisites of becoming a web developer that too a freelancer.

Prerequisites of Becoming a Freelance Web Developer:

Before you can start your career as a freelance web developer, you need to have certain things. These include:


Obviously, this is the foremost prerequisite.

To become a web developer, you have to work on a number of programming languages and different frameworks.

Moreover, you should also have the basic skillset of designing for creating and running a website.

Ideally speaking, a web designer designs a website, whereas, a web developer creates it. However, many people expect you to do all the work from scratch without the help of a designer.

If you are a beginner, you can take a few courses (paid and free) from some website like Udemy.

Set your Portfolio:

Let’s face it. Your first (probably first few) project(s) will not be paid as a freelancer – you need to build your portfolio first.

Most probably, your first project will be your own website, which will not only be evidence of your skills but also a medium for people to contact you.

You can also start volunteering yourself for helping people with their websites in exchange for some testimonials.

When there are a couple of good websites under your belt, you can all set to go.

Write your Experience:

Now that you have worked on your skills and a good experience with some websites, you can surely talk about web development from your own perspective.

Start writing your experience and share your thoughts with the world by publishing your blogs on different sites.

It would not only help newcomers in the field, but you can also establish yourself as a thought leader. It will also help you in connecting with prospects and professionals out there.

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3 Ways to Start your Career as a Freelance Website Developer:

There are various ways you can start your career as a freelancer. It basically depends on your skillset and how strong your communication is.

Let’s us discuss three of these ways:

Freelancing Platforms:

The first way you can start your freelance career is by joining different freelancing platforms.

Most of these platforms are easy to join. You first need to make a profile and add your details and portfolio.

After then you have to act according to the requirements of platforms.

For instance, if you are using Upwork, you would have to bid on projects. And for Fiverr, you offer your services in the form of gigs, and if anyone is interested in your services, he/she will contact you for further discussion.

Facebook Groups:

Another way to get clients as a freelancer is to join Facebook groups.

There are many groups that are created to find web developers. You can join them and offer your services.

Most of these Facebook groups act as a community. Become a part of that community and most importantly, don’t try to sell your services to everyone.

The best way to start with Facebook groups is to provide value and offer help to people who are looking for some guidance.

Obviously contact anyone who is looking for a person with your skillset, discuss the project and quote reasonably.

Word of Mouth:

This might be one of the oldest forms of marketing, but still, it is valid.

The key to this strategy is to work honestly with your every client and put your all efforts to that. When you do a good job and your client is happy, he/she would be happier to recommend you to other people.

In this way, you can get new clients and kick-start your freelancing career as a web developer.

In the beginning, you might not get so many projects or, your dream projects, but never lose hope. The world of freelancing is full of opportunities for the web developers, no matter at which part of the world they live in.