Have you ever thought about the idea of having a formal conservation with a client while sitting on the beach? Or touching up a presentation to discuss with a potential client, while enjoying your favorite tacos in a nearby café? Well, the life of a digital nomad looks exactly like this.

According to a new research, people who can control when and where they work are not only more productive, but they also have a better work-life balance.

Many people think of it as something impossible to manage clients without an office, but a digital nomad knows that it’s not.

In this article, you will find some useful ways that anyone can use to manage a customer from any remote location easily.

Schedule Weekly Call with your Customer:

Scheduling a weekly call with your customers is one of the most important things. It helps you in many ways.

Doesn’t matter if you are not able to meet your client over dinner; you can adopt a different way to hold a regular face-to-face meeting.

Video chat is a low-cost way to meet your client, no matter how apart you both live.

Skype is one of the most popular online tools that you can use for this purpose. Google Hangouts and Zoom are also easy to use to schedule a call with your clients.

A weekly call with your client helps you both in getting on the same boat. It also helps in removing any confusions and sync your thoughts with each other.

Use a Time Tracking SaaS Solution:

While video chat is a good way to communicate with your clients, you cannot use it to manage your projects. It is especially true when you are working with more than one clients.

Therefore, digital nomads use a time tracking SaaS solution. This allows them to divide their time wisely between the projects they are working on.

The importance of using a SaaS solution can be understood by reading Why Good Customer Relation is so Damn Important for a Freelancer on our blog.

Set Expectations with your Customers at the Beginning of the Project:

Communication is the most important key to establish a lasting relationship with your customers. And to exercise good communication, instead of assuming, you should set expectations with your customers at the beginning of the project.

This allows you to minimize the chances of any errors due to miscommunications. It is also helpful in defining accurate project scope for both; you and your client.

Importance of Transparency for a Digital Nomad:

Some people keep information closed to the vest from their clients, which lead to speculations and rumors.

However, being open, honest, and transparent about your work have several advantages for your business.

Certain project management software, like TrackMy.Work, allows you to share the project board with your client. Your clients cannot only keep an eye on your overall progress but can also comment if they feel like.

Overall, being transparent helps you in establishing a long and pleasant working relationship with your clients.

Take Enough Space to be Able to Deliver your Work:

One of the most important thing while working with any client is to deliver on the time. It helps in establishing your good image before your client.

Therefore, instead of rushing, take enough space to be able to deliver your work efficiently. Remember, your clients expect quality from you, and rushing out may ruin it.

Last Words

While its challenging to manage clients remotely, being a digital nomad, you can adapt many ways to do it efficiently.

Using digital technology and establishing a meaningful relationship with your client is the key to success for your business.


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