Digital nomads (as the term suggests) live a nomadic life. They work from coffee shops, public libraries, beaches, recreational vehicles or holiday spots.

Digital nomads don’t stay in one place for long. They work remotely using their laptops, traveling from one country to another. Do you like being a digital nomadIf yes, keep reading.

What Kind of Work Digital Nomad Do?

A normal perception is that digital nomads are traveling bloggers or some sort of online entrepreneurs. Well, this is a half-truth. Because every digital nomad does not do the same work.

There are many other careers that don’t need you to sit in an office to work or live in a particular place.

Freelance web-designing, web-development, social media management and marketing, freelance writing, and digital marketing – all these are potential careers that may help you become a digital nomad.

The emergence of online video calling and instant messaging services like Skype and Facebook messenger have waved off the necessity of being physically present, even for managing a client-based business.

Where do Digital Nomads Live?

The idea behind being a digital nomad is that you can live ANYWHERE you want, literally anywhere! There is only one condition; a reasonable internet connection.

However, some places are more popular among digital nomads than others.

And that for some obvious reasons like reasonable accommodation, good company, places co-working spaces, and the most important one, acceptably fast bandwidth.

Some popular destinations for digital nomads include Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Bali in Indonesia, and Chiang Mai in Thailand.

These are the places where you will find a bunch of digital nomads and increasing number of cafes and co-working spaces are an important evidence on it.

How do Digital Nomads Work?

Not everyone can become a digital nomad; many professionals just don’t translate to be online. For instance, you can’t be an auto mechanic on the internet.

The main criteria of being a digital nomad¸ however, is to have computer skills.

A digital nomad has only one tool, which is none other than his laptop. The life of such a person revolves around his laptop.

Therefore, a digital nomad uses his laptop for every task he needs to perform related to his work.

Whether he needs to communicate with clients or discuss something important with his team, his laptop comes for the rescue.

Now you might be thinking of some questions; how these digital nomads manage their workload? How do they keep a track of their tasks? And most importantly, how do they manage their team?

Well, most of them use a good project management software like TrackMy.Work.

It is a web-based project management system that allows digital nomads to keep all their work-related tasks at the same place. also helps in managing team and allocating jobs and tasks to different team members. You can add comments to the tasks, to which your team members can reply as well.

This feature allows you to discuss any matter about a particular task over there, keeping everything on the same page.

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In a nutshell, the life of a digital nomad is full of adventure, fun, and thrill, and with the help of a good project management system, digital nomads can do their work peacefully from any part of the world.