We are happy to present another exciting interview with a digital nomad!

This time, we interviewed stunning Sarah Reyna – you can follow her on Instagram @sarahrrreyna.

She is not only beautiful on the inside and out, she is a great digital marketer as well.

Sarah did her graduation from UC, Santa Cruz, and shortly after she started her entrepreneurial career with an e-commerce website.

She is a beautiful soul who happily agreed to share the experience of her journey – from an ordinary girl to a brilliant digital nomad – with us to motivate our readers.

Are you wondering why we fell in love with her? Let’s see,

What is your profession, in what you are mastering?

My profession is a Digital Marketer.

I help clients with everything from Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, Website Building, Lead Capturing and List Building to Automating Drip Campaigns, Newsletters, creating Online Learning Programs and the list goes on.

My favorite of all of these is to help people curate their brand on social media and make great content, as well as build E-Courses.

When it comes to building E-Courses I get so much fulfillment from learning the wealth of knowledge that people have and putting it into comprehensive bite-size pieces.

I practically get paid to learn someone’s life work and I love it.

What led you to become a digital nomad? Did you try other occupation?

My life as a digital nomad slowly transpired over time. In 2012 after college, I started an online clothing company for fun and to spread positive messages.

This gave me my first digital marketing skills as I started creating content, using social media to garner sales and run ads on Etsy.

Although at the time I had no idea Digital Marketing is what I was doing. While I was running the clothing company

I would also have different random jobs like being a Cheesemonger or working in Medical Marijuana and I’d always quit them after I saved up enough money to go travel – which is my real passion.

After a few years of this and upon arriving home after a big trip to South East Asia, I got in a car accident that lead me to seek a 9-5 desk job.

I had to do this because my previous lines of work were too physical, and my body had to recover from severe whiplash.

After a year at this job I knew sitting at a desk wasn’t for me and it was taking a toll on my happiness and my health.

I was being overworked and underpaid. I decided to make the leap and use the skills I had to find jobs online. This was about a year ago and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

What was your biggest challenge when you started as a Digital Nomad?

My biggest challenge was not knowing exactly how to start.

I had taken a lot of courses in Digital Marketing at that point, but no one really told you how to start as a freelancer or where to get your first clients from.

This took me a while to figure out but once I did, things took off!

How are you different/ what makes you different? 

I believe I’m different because I have an eye and understanding of imagery, long-term big-picture strategy, and branding.

And I also take a one-on-one approach to clients, their personality, passions, best qualities, skills and help them design a company, brand or marketing strategy that works for them.

I love to help others figure out their brand image and the best way to portray it clearly online.

Do you have any current challenges with your clients?

One recent challenge was my ability to track all of my time accurately. I never want to overcharge clients, but I also don’t want to lose out on my time spent working hard.

I was so happy when Track My Work reached out to me (they found my Instagram page) because I had been looking for a tool like this!

How did you overcome these problems?

I would screenshot my time when I started and when I stopped and log it manually in a document.

But this felt like a sloppy way to do it. Track My Work makes it streamlined and simple.

I got really lucky because I feel like they reached out to me just when I was getting really frustrated!

What is your goal for next year?

This is a great question. As I just started in January as a full-time freelancer and digital nomad I’m just happy to be doing as much traveling and getting as much work as I am now.

At the moment I am taking a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training through UC, Berkeley and I hope to create meditation and transformational e-courses in the future.

I’ll probably start creating these next year as well as a course for all the people who have reached out to me about how to find work online using their current skills.

I’ve also been having a lot of fun using my abilities with Influencer Marketing and this has already started to open some amazing doors and I’ve started to work with some wonderful yoga, meditation and wellness resorts in Bali.

I’m excited to see where this will take me next and all the transformational, spiritual and wellness experiences I’ll get to discover around the world.

What is the best place you’ve been so far? And – what is your next destination?

This is a tough one! I’d say my favorite places have been Prague, Istanbul, Bali, Thailand, Italy, and Greece.

No coincidence I also think Thailand, Italy, and Greece have the best food. Half of the reason I travel is for food.

In terms of what’s next, I’m currently in Bali and I’m trying to figure out my next destination.

I’m considering going to the Maldives or the Philippines in August. I’m also trying to plan my birthday trip which might be something like Cape Town, Namibia, Morocco and Egypt. We shall see!


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We wish a very Happy Birthday to Sarah in advance. No doubt she is a true inspiration for youngsters.

There is a lot to learn in her story. Despite all the difficulties, she proved that fulfilling her dream wasn’t impossible.

Traveling the world while doing her favorite job – this is the dream life she always wanted.

If she can live her dream life, why can’t you?

What is holding you back? Share your fears and let us help you.

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