With a new month, we bring you a new digital nomad.

This month, beautiful Louise Tamiazzo is our guest, who is an exceptional graphic designer by profession.

Louise completed her studies in Brazil and worked there in the corporate sector for a few years.

She has now been living as a digital nomad and working with her clients remotely.

You can follow her on Instagram @louisetamiazzo and keep yourself updated with her latest adventures around the world.

Louise decided to work remotely when she went out of money, while her visit to Europe.

She took it as a challenge and proved herself capable of fulfilling her own dreams.

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It will help you in understanding the basics of working with clients while living miles away from them.

Let’s see what she has to share with us:

Being a graphic designer is part of my life since I can remember. I started very young, just for fun.

So, I think I can say that this profession chooses me, not the other way around.

But definitely, I was not entirely happy anymore when it became a full-time profession, in an office. Because somehow was on my way to live the life I wanted.

For a few years I struggled to find a balance between life and work until, in a moment of despair, I got the nerve to start what I always wanted…

Check out Louise’s portfolio by clicking here.

What is your profession, in what you are mastering?

I am graduated in Social Communication, with a focus on advertising, in São Paulo (Brazil). Since my first year in university, I started to work as a graphic designer for digital platforms, such as social media, mobile, websites, and especially infographics and video graphics. Nowadays, most of my work is based on advertising videos, what honestly has been my favorite kind of job to do! Videos can be very complex but also more fun to work with.

What led you to become a digital nomad? Did you try other occupation?

I have always been a graphic designer, but I worked for 4 years with some advertising agencies and almost 2 for a media group very popular in my country. And don’t take me wrong, I always liked my profession, but I used to suffer a little bit with the lack of freedom. Being in the same office, in the same building, the same city every day, was not for me. I even quitted my job a few times just to go for a while traveling but was never enough. In my last job, I was completely unhappy, and I hated everything about it. So, I quit for the last time, got all my money and came for a big vacation in Europe. In a certain moment, I did not have any money left and didn’t want to come back either, since I had nothing waiting for me in Brazil. With no work visa as well, I tried the only thing I could do. Work remotely. And thanks god I did that, now I am finally in control of my life, my earnings, my scheduledigital . So, yeah, I had some pretty dark years behind, but it was all worth it.


What was your biggest challenge when you started as a Digital Nomad?

It was my biggest challenge and still is: Organizing myself. I have learned so much about being productive, responsible, and pro-active. In my case I work completely by myself, so no one else to help me if I fail. Also, organizing how much work I have to do and how much free time I will have. Some jobs eventually get postponed, some others end up being bigger – and taking more time – than what I predicted. So, is always hard to find a balance between too much work to do, or too less.

How are you different/ what makes you different? 

I am very serious about my deadlines and quality. If I give you my word that I am able to do the job, is because I am. So, becoming a freelancer also have a lot to do with my confidence as a professional. I might have started earlier, but inside I was not prepared yet. Today I believe I can actually help my clients not only with the task itself but also for the whole project. And well, as a designer, I also believe I have a good eye for visuals. Everything must look great for the eyes, right?

Do you have any recurrent challenges with your clients?

I am a really shy person when it comes to talking on the phone, skype, etc. I know it can sound stupid but is really hard that for me! Well, the practice leads to perfection, right?

Besides that, what I mentioned before: predict how much time the job will take me, and then organize my time between all the projects. Always happens that I have tons of stuff to do in a week, and nothing to do in the next one. Definitely, something I need to work better.

How did you overcome these problems?

We can’t fix a problem until it really happens, and once it happens you try to learn your lesson for the next time. Every client is different, of course, is very important to talk a lot with all of them, but mostly you only really get it after a while. For example, some clients come “full of ideas” and always end up being pretty simple, other clients are completely the other way around, saying “is just that, very basic”, and will actually be much more. So I tried to ask as many questions as I can at the beginning to at least have an idea, but also be always prepared for some eventual big changes.

What is your goal for next year?

You all know the saying “The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot.” And this is a reality I am planning to change as soon as possible. I need a better image of myself and my work (or a better self-advertising – exactly what I sell to others) and start to create a bigger presence in digital platforms with my work.

Also, I really want to start creating content from courses, ebooks to some inspirational material, especially in my mother language (Portuguese), in a way that I could reach more potential clients and especially help others who wants to become freelancers/digital nomads. In the whole world the digital nomad scenario is still pretty new, but as I can see, in Brazil is still even less discussed, everyone there when I talk about it gets really interested but have no idea about it. So, yes, I would love to bring more information to my people.


What do you learn from Louise’s story? Is it inspirational?

Well, if you ask us, Louise has taught us that it is never too late to start following your dreams.

It also tells us that you cannot feel contented, even though, you are doing a part of what you love to do.

If you want to enjoy your life and feel satisfied, you would always need to be completely in charge of your life.

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