Track My Work team is excited to present Elise Micheals the queen of hearts.

Elise is an international motivational speaker who works remotely in the tech community. Being a nomad for over a year, she utilizes her travel experiences to inform others about using exceptional communication skills in all cultures and nationalities. She loves speaking at conferences and benefits from knowing she can make a difference in this world.

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“The Wise Nomad”


My name is Elise – I’m two months away from being 25 years old and I’m currently typing this from a couch in London – my 7th country this year.

When I took a leap of faith almost exactly one year ago to FINALLY start chasing my dreams  – I had no idea I would end up here.

I grew up in the Midwest of the USA, traveled to California to become a singer/actress and somehow ended up in the tech world with an amazing remote job.  I always dreamed of traveling the globe – but never thought it would happen this way.

One day while working at my yoga studio in California, I knew I needed to just take a risk and go for it. I started my journey of traveling around the globe, fell in love, and then found my tech company. Although I’d never worked in tech before, I loved business and it has been smooth-sailing ever since.


How to Choose the right Position?

For this question, I’m going to give a bit of a different answer.

When choosing a career, most of the time people look for what’s practical, what pays the most, or go after something they feel they’ve always “wanted” to do. For me, I didn’t exactly “choose” this position – I fell into it by way of following my values and what I wanted to achieve for myself.

I never thought I’d be working in Tech, OR sales. But somehow I’m here – Why?? Because when you write your values down and go based off of those, you’ll find careers you’d never thought of before that fulfill those needs. My truest values were freedom and the opportunity to grow. With this company, it doesn’t matter if I’m doing sales or working in an industry I never have before – I get to travel the world, meet new people and create new positions for myself to stop from getting bored. Its a win-win for everybody!

So choose your values, followed by passion, followed by payoff.


How to reach out to customers.

Easy. Don’t think of people as customers. Or think of EVERYONE as a customer. Networking is a huge part of being your own boss – Even if that person doesn’t buy from you – Maybe they know someone who will!

My personal style of reaching out is boots on the ground – I volunteer my time at coworking spaces to give presentations and make friends wherever I travel. If no one sees you or your product they can’t buy it. So no matter if it’s Facebook ads, reaching out via linked in, coworking spaces – Make yourself be SEEN.

How to sell yourself

Selling yourself is the easiest and hardest part of any business. You have to be GENUINE.

If you aren’t honest with yourself about who you are – You won’t be able to fully commit to whatever you’re selling because you’ll start feeling like an imposter. I struggled with this for a long time – The battle between being professional and also sporadic and crazy. It seemed the two would fight against each other. But the more I tried to mold myself into what I thought the public wanted to see, the less genuine I felt and the less feedback I got.

Be Genuine. People like you will find you.

This also happens to be one of my specialties – Ping me direct for more info!


How many projects to take?

The saying “Less is more” comes in to play here – Take as many high-quality projects on as you can. In the beginning, you feel tempted to take on everything – and perhaps you should – in the beginning. Its good to learn lessons and see where your boundaries lie; however, after a certain point, you’ll get really good at spotting which projects will benefit you, and which ones won’t. This is where you start taking on fewer projects in favor of higher-quality ones.


How to say “no”

This plays in to being genuine and how many projects to take on. You have to be firm with who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and what you’re worth. Saying “no” is not the negative reaction we’re all customed to believe it is. It’s a sign of self-care and consideration. If a project doesn’t benefit you, doesn’t pay enough or isn’t fulfilling, do NOT say yes just to “please” the other person or for the sake of it. It will only cause distress to you and the other individual. It’s much more respectful to decline a project for personal reasons than to take one on and not be able to full-commit to it.


How to know your worth

How much value do you offer? We only pay for things when the perceived value is equal or greater than what we’re paying. You can charge as much as you want for something, as long as you’re bringing the value with it.

Are you not getting customers? Are people not paying what you want? As opposed to slashing prices and just being another competitor – try adding value to what you offer. You never lose out by putting a ribbon on an already perfect box. Sometimes it’s just that extra touch that means the most.


While Elise works in tech, her most intimate passion is people. She specializes in helping effectively communicate to get the jobs you want, live the most optimal lifestyle, and achieve the life of your dreams!

If you’d like to inquire more about how to receive this training, feel free to reach out on any of these platforms:


IG: @Elisemofo

Linkedin: Elise Micheals

FB: @TheEliseMicheals